Meet Sooggi

Your Food Assistant

The savvy and intuitive app that optimises your food life and enables better decisions that will save you time, money, waste and stress.

Time saving

“Life is so busy and food shopping and planning meals and cooking is so time consuming!”

Sooggi knows the food you already have in the cupboard as well as your dietary needs. It suggests meals based on what you have in so you don’t need to waste time taking unnecessary trips to the supermarket.

Money saving

“The cost of my food shop is going up and I need savvy ways to save money and shop to a budget”

Using AI and machine learning, Sooggi will unlock the value of the food you already have in and will only suggest what you need, so you don’t need to buy anything that you don’t. Reducing unnecessary spend and unused food ending up in the bin.

Reduces food waste

“So much of my food ends up in the bin at the end of the week. I’d love to learn ways to use it up”

Sooggi cares about you and the planet. We want to do our bit on reducing waste and will suggest recipes that use up what you already have in - saving you money and reducing unnecessary food waste.

Helps you plan

“What are we having for dinner tonight?”

Sooggi takes the hassle out of planning meals by understanding you and your households unique dietary needs, helping you make better decisions with your grocery shopping and storing relevant recipes. You set the parameters, let Sooggi do the rest.

Recipe inspiration

“I’m bored of the same meals, I want to try something new”

Sooggi uses both the power of community and AI to encourage connection, sharing and inspiring people to be more confident with their food lives - to eat well and efficiently.

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